Purple Rain Purple Rain

In December my weekends we filling up quickly so I was sure to set a side a weekend for Chris and I to have Christmas Drinks in Belfast! We started in the Bear's Paw as it was always nice and quiet and eventually got into Irene and Nan's for a Fish Bowl full of Purple Rain Cocktail.

We did go to Spurs for dinner as there was no chance of getting into anywhere else that day and I wasn't impressed with it and unfortunately it's not on my list to return in 2014! I Don't know whether it was just a bad night or it was my own choices of food but it wasn't for me!

Work Christmas Dinner

Round Two

Round Two was with Leanne, Rhona and Cathlin and the venue was Deanes for something a little special! We drank bubbles and ate Scallops and Steak and finished off with a bowl of C P I C.

For anyone who has not been to Deanes at Christmas I will let you guess what C P I C is!!

To Market To Market

Christmas time is a great time to catch up with friends and that is exactly what I did! On December 6th Lyn, Louise, Patricia and I met for our annual night out in Belfast. We tried the Apartment for food but with no joy ventured over to the Continental Markets for a Burger and Cider.  From there we did a little Belfast Pub Crawl taking in The National Grand Cafe Bar, the Bears Paw and ending the night in The Harp Bar

30 Seconds To Mars

Everyone, please put 'Go To See 30 Seconds To Mars' on your Life's Bucket List because they really put on such a show! In December last year I went to see Jared and Co for the seconds time and they do not disappoint!!! The Set List was amazing and the interaction between Jared and the crowd makes the show!! He has so much energy and is just so appreciative of the fans

My favourite song at the minute is City of Angels! If you haven't watched the video please do so now   . . .

When The Markets Came To Town

When Louise and I catch up, it always involves food and drinks! At the end of November we decided on food from Bubbacue and drinks from the Lavery's tent in the continental markets which are located on the front lawns of City Hall every Christmas. We were nearly tempted by dessert but didn't fancy going into a Chocolate coma before the drinks!

Galway Galway Galway

I don't know what it is about me and the 2nd night that I'm in Galway but something always seems to happen to me! The first year I took a migraine to end all migraines and then this year I went a burnt my hand on a luggage rack.  Now before you say anything the 'metal luggage rack' was sitting beside a radiator, which was turned on all evening.  I went to move the luggage rack out of the way to get some heat into me and before you know it, my hand felt like it was on fire.  It was actually my first burn and hopefully it will be my last!!

Apart from the burn I had a great weekend with great food and craic!!! The Galway Bay Hotel is a lovely hotel and I'll be sure to see you in 2014 for the next Irish Fly Fair!!
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