I'm assuming that EVERYONE has now seen the Opening Ceremony for London 2012??? If you are one of the few that missed out, give this a listen!!! Alex Trimble from local band Two Door Cinema Club along with  One Men Aloud, Dockhead Choir, Elizabeth Roberts and Dame Evelyn Glennie on Percussion gave the perfect back drop to the lighting of the Olympic Flame and a Beautiful flame it was . . .

Olympic Season - Belfast

I'm sure you are a little confused at these pictures but yes the sun does shine on Belfast from time to time! This was our 'Summer Week' in May that we got and joked that it was 'Our Summer', little did we know that it really was!!!

After watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony last night I remembered that I had taken this photos and thought it very appropriate to post

No More Traffik Jam

Local graffiti / street  artists took to this wall in Belfast as part of the No More Traffik to show paintings of Freedom! On the day that I was down taking pictures I was lucky to see 2 artists working on their pieces!

Have A Tissue Ready!!!

Have you met Danny and Annie?? From Brooklyn New York they were married for 27 years before Danny passed away!! This is their story!!!

I'll also leave you with the fine words from Danny Perasa 

On Marriage:

''When a guy is happily married no matter what happens at work no matter what happens during the rest of that day there is a shelter when you get home there's a knowledge knowing that you can hug somebody without them throwing you down the stairs and saying get your hands off me.  Being married is like having a colour television set, you never want to go back to black and white''

On being sick but getting on with life:

''Listen even downhill a car doesn't roll unless it's been pushed and you've given me a great push''

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

I have been to see Benjamin Francis Leftwich twice and loved both gigs!! 
Listen to this acoustic video you will get a feel for what his gigs are like.  They are so intimate and quiet with  people sitting on the floor just to get close to hearing him.  

Go see this guy if you ever seeing coming to a town or city near you -  he's worth every penny!!!

Remember God would never take something away from you 
without the intention of replacing it with something much better
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