Portstewart Strand

When visiting Northern Ireland or even if you live here please make sure to include a trip to Portstewart Strand Beach no matter the weather on your bucket list.  As you can see from the day Chris and I went, it was a little wet and windy but it was still great to get out and go for a nice long walk!!

We Were Promised Jetpacks

I am one of those people that is constantly watching film trailers and adding to my 'to watch list'  I found this song on such an adventure.  The film is called 'The Kings Of Summer' and I cannot wait to go and see it!!

Barry's Amusement Park

I was a little unsure as to whether or not to go onto the Waltzer at the very start but after a few seconds thought I said 'why not' and I was glad I did.  When you are younger you think things are so much bigger and so much faster than what they were, I can safely say that the Waltzer is still as fast and makes you just as dizzy no matter what age you are!

Next time I'm there I might attempt The Big Dipper although don't hold me to it!!! 


Walking through Next clothes shop one day I felt the need to get my phone out to Shazam a song that was on in the background! This is that song!!!

Road Tripping

Sometimes it's nice to just pack the car up and head away for the weekend, and that's exactly what was done at the end of June

Destination - Portrush on the North Coast!!

We stayed in a lovely B & B on the Sea front called 'The Clarmont' and would highly recommend!! We visited Barry's Amusement Park and even went on the Waltzer which was great fun!! 

Here Fishy Fishy

Aren't these dolls absolutely beautiful!!! These little guys are making the trip to the Galway Irish Fly Fair with us to find new homes and friends to keep company!!

Chris Malinchak

Every summer there are always a few songs that any time you play them will make you think of road trips, wearing flip flops and feeling the sun on your face.  For me this is one of those songs and for once in Northern Ireland all three of these things have been done, worn and felt!!! 

Galway Fly Fishing Fair

Last November I had the opportunity of going down to Galway to help out on the ticket desk at the Irish Fly Fair.  It was a great weekend getting to meet new people and experiencing something that I would have never usually seen and done.  

On day two I got thee most awful migrane that I have ever had before, I couldn't even eat my dinner because of it! I usually love BBQ flavoured foods but while we were in the restaurant the table beside us ordered wings and lordy when they came out I couldn't get to the bathroom quick enough! 

Needless to say I will be going again this November and will be sure to bring my headache tablets!!!  

Ultimate Fire Fighter

As you can see from above today was a great day!! What you can't really see because of the way I have processed the photos through VSCO CAM is that the sun was shinning and I even got a little sun burnt on my face.

There was 4 stages today which were all very gruelling and rather those guys do it than me! I am never very good at going up hill so watching them climb stairs with hoses on their backs was very tiring for me so I don't want to know what it was like for the fire fighters.

Guys from United States, Brasil, Czech Republic and our very own Norn Iron Fire and Rescue all competed and competed well side by side.  I have to see the guys from Rio were very good and you could tell they were in the zone when they got up to the starting line!

World Police and Fire Games 2013

I have been looking forward to the World Police and Fire Games coming to Belfast for what seems like a lifetime! It's hard to believe that they are now half way through and I have only been to one Ice Hockey which unfortunately was not to see my below FDNY or NYPD.  However we did get to see Las Vegas Guns and Hoses beat Reykjavik Ice Falcons!!

I have tomorrow off work and will be a part of the crowd watching the team events of the Ultimate Fire Fighter.  Needless to say I am very very excited!!
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