Not Last Weekend But The Weekend Before

Taken over two night a few week's ago in McHugh's and Filthy McNastys - two great bars, to be seen should anyone ever be visiting my wonderful city of Belfast

You and Me

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If the stars don't shine if the moon wont rise, 
If I never see a setting sun again.
You wont hear me cry, this I testify. 
Please believe me boy you know I dont lie.
As long as there is...

You and Me
No body baby but you and me
You and Me
Nobody baby but you and me

If you love a soul more than fame and gold. 
And that soul feels the same about you. 
Its a natural fact, there's not turning back. 
And here is some advise to you.... You got to say is...

You and me
No body baby but you and me
You and Me
No body baby but you and me

Penny & The Quarters

I finally got sitting down to the film 'Blue Valentine'. Granted it wasn't what I was expecting all at but very good none the less and definitely worth a watch!!

While watching the film, like always, i listen out for any cool tracks and I found a gem from Penny and The Quarters! I just know that you will feel the same!!!!

Tennents Vital 2012

The Foo Fighters, I have to say, were amazing!! Dave Grohl had so much energy, the way he ran up and down that stage and was still able to sound amazing shows that he has been doing this for a long time.  I cannot remember exactly how many songs that sang in the end but at one point Dave Grohl said he needed to stop talking to the crowd so that he could sing the 29 songs that they were there to do. 

Dave Grohl dedicated a few of the songs to his daughter Violet who was sitting on stage watching her daddy do his thing.  Not a bad 'Bring Your Daughter To Work Day'

The aftermath of the concert was local residents and people as far out as Comber saying that they could hear the concert clearly and that it disrupted their nights sleep - one night of the year and they are complaining!!!!

P.S Have you ever come across an 'Oxygen Party Bar'?? As you can see from the photos there was one at Tennents Vital and it looked very very bizarre to me.  You pay £5.00 for 5 minutes of pure Oxygen which is meant to give you more energy to last the day.  Sorry but I just don't get it at all!!!

P.P.S The Black Keys were amazing too!!!!!!

Bring On The Foo's

In honour of going to see the Foo Fighters tomorrow I have decided to share one of my favourite Foo's song on this fine Monday!!

I'm actually really excited to see The Black Keys playing too as I've heard great things about them so think of me tomorrow and may the sun be shining!!!!

Petting Farm at St George's Market

I think the Sheep realised early on that they would have competition in the form of these cute little fur balls at St George's Market!!!


“Perhaps the most difficult choices to make are the ones that deny us what our heart wants most, because as it’s been said, without reason and without prudence, the heart wants what the heart wants, and more often than not, it will not be denied.


Another Monday is upon us and I have another great local Northern Irish band for you.  They are called Kowalski, from Bangor in Northern Ireland and I absolutely love this song and the photography on the artwork!!!


Titanic Museum Belfast

A while ago Mum, Dad and I went for a little walk around the Titanic Quarter, mainly to see the beautiful building that is the Titanic Museum.

I still haven't made it inside yet as I always keep saying that I will wait until the craze dies down but going on the Twitter and Facebook updates for the Museum I don't think it will and it's great to see! Just going to have to bite the bullet one of the days that I am off work!

What It Is For Me

I don’t pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me
love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person,
 love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, 
including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable 
and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees
 when they walk into the room and smile at you.”


On my little trip into town last Saturday I found myself in a sea of wonder with all that Avoca had to offer from Coffee Table Books to Vintage Jam Jars to cute teddies that my niece would die for to cloth covered lettering that would look great in my own place! 

Any time that you look on pinterest of other blogs you seen them putting great use to beautiful vintage mason / jam jars and until yesterday I didn't even know where you could get them in Belfast apart from paying expensive shipping on the internet!!  In the end Avoca came through for me

Katie and The Carnival - Dinosaurs

I first got introduced to this local band from Belfast, last year during Belfast Calling and while listening to local radio station Blast 106 I heard their new single Dinosaurs which I love love love!! 

Life Is Sweet

As promised, here are the sweet treats that I got while at St George's Market yesterday.  It a cross between a Brownie and a Mars Bar Rice Krispie Bar, and yes you heard that right!!!

Net time you are in St George's Market or Victoria Square look out for Sarah from Life is Sweet NI and get one of these yummy yummy Brownies!!

You can find Sarah on Twitter , Website or Facebook

St George's Market

I have been talking about going down to St George's Market for quite some time and yesterday I finally did it!!! And I have proof!!! I went shopping for postcards as I take part in Post Crossing but unfortunately there was nothing that suited what I needed to send.  I did come home with some great photos, well I think so anyway and some sweet treats which deserve a post all on their own so check back later on today!!

Cow Parade NI

If New York can do it so to can Belfast! If you have been to Belfast City hall over the past week you will know what I’m talking about and it’s not the Olympics.  It is in fact The Cow Parade, also known to some as the ‘World’s Largest Public Art Event’.  If you haven’t gotten down yet, you have until August 9th before they move on to pastures new
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