Pirates Adventure

One piece of advice that I would give to anyone planning a trip over to Dundonald for some crazy golf - watch out for the Totem Poles and the Cannons!!!

Porter Robinson

Do you remember Porter Robinson?? I have previously posted this song of his and heard this one night out in the car with my friend Leanne.  I couldn't get my phone out quick enough to use Shazam and make sure that I didn't miss the name! I remember thinking that night that it was such a cool soundtrack for driving around Belfast at the weekend!


For this road trip Chris and I crossed the border and changed our money to 'yo yo's and had ourselves a great time!! The weather was absolutely amazing so we took a walk along the sea front, had dinner in a restaurant called Big Bens, which was lovely and finished the night drinking al fresco at the Corner Bar! To be honest the music inside was too loud so we had a good escape getting our seat outside early on in the evening!

Strange Talk

I am a sucker for some reality shows, in particular, shows that depict how the other half live! I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about - Made In Chelsea!! It was really good for the first 2 seasons, but now, the only thing good about it is the music that goes along with the cringe worthy scenes!! This is a song I liked from last season!


Northern Ireland has been graced with thee most beautiful of weather over the past two months, we actually had a summer!!!! Instead of sitting in Chris and I took a walk along the sea front at Bangor heading towards Crawfordsburn!

Its on nights like these that you remember how beautiful Northern Ireland actually is and I can see why people come to visit!!!


p.s. Please do not mind my weird hair! I don't know what was happening with it

Luke Sital - Singh

I actually cannot remember how I came across this song but I'm glad that I pasted it to a draft post!! Hope you enjoy!!

Newcastle and Cranfield Beach

I do love a good road trip but do you want to know what makes it even better, apart from having great company and a great soundtrack of course, finding places that you never knew even existed.  Chris and I went to Newcastle for the day and took a detour on the way home and came across Cranfield 'Blue Flag' Beach.   

Mariah Carey feat Miguel

As much as Mariah Carey annoys me, from the first time that I heard this song it stuck in my head and I could not get it out!! 
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