Cosy Weekends 101

Some weekend just call for 'Friday Night Take Aways', 'Rainy Car Rides' and 'Sunday Morning Sausage Sandwiches'!

New Years Drinks

Half way through January, Leanne and I were finally able to get a night out together to celebrate the New Year and catch up on each others lives!!! We decided on one of Belfast's newest bars on the scene, The Dirty Onion!! Apart from it being sauna warm, because of the open fire, and bar staff not able to crack even a little smile, we had a great little night. 

Like most of our nights out this one ended with us having chips, not good at all for the waist lines but great for the stomachs and helping with the hangovers. 

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Dad and I in Cancun for my sisters wedding

It's that time of the year again when I wish my amazing daddy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 
Love you loads and loads!!!

In Dublin Fair City

January always feels like a long month to get through after Christmas! To help us get through it, Chris and I booked a little night away in Dublin! We stayed in Jury's Inn Custom House which is just a short walk away from Connelly Station!

All in all a great little night away and the first of many adventures for 2014!!!

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