LaDuree - Dublin

In June of this year I visited Dublin with friends and while walking through Connolly Station I noticed someone carrying a LaDuree bag which I hunted down in Brown Thomas.  I thought I was going to have to go back to Paris for these macaroons but alas they are in Dublin.  If I am honest tho there was no comparison in the taste and flavours available, Paris won hands down!!!

Step Right Up, Get Your Tickets Here



For as long as I can remember I have saved my tickets for everything that I have been too and given a ticket for and i mean everything!!! Normally they were just put into my memory box and I was going to keep them there but them I had a brain wave of putting them into a photo album where I can write at the side, if I remember  who I was with etc.  It took a while at the start to sort through everything but I'm so glad that I did this and it's now very easy to maintain and great for looking through every so often.

Do you guys keep your tickets? Do you have a cool way of storing them? If so let me know

Move On and Let Go

''My dentist once told me that letting go is like pulling a tooth.  when it was pulled out, you're relived, but how many times does your tongue run itself over the spot where the tooth once was? probably a hundred times a times.  Just because it wasn't hurting you doesn't mean you didn't notice it.  It leaves a gap and sometimes you see yourself missing it terribly.  It's going to take a while, but it takes time.  Should you have kept the tooth? No, because it was causing you so much pain.  Therefore, move on and let go.''

Source 'Unknown'

Jose Vanders

I originally heard this song on 'Made In Chelsea' a few weeks ago and finally found it on Spotify and now Youtube! I hope you enjoy!!

Bon Iver

I heard news this month that was very distressing and I want to know whether it is true or not - Is it true that Bon Iver will not be touring again???

They came to Dublin at the start of the month but due to other plans I was not able to go and now I am even more gutted that I didn't get there

To help you through the news if you hadn't heard it until now here is my favourite some from the new album

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