I Hope So . . . .

Beautiful pictures are developed 
from negatives in a dark room.
So if you see darkness in your life, 
be reassured that a beautiful picture is being prepared

Awake! Awake!

Shopping in one of my favourites shops, Paper Chase, I heard this song playing.  I 'shazamed' it straight away and added it to my playlist for the month.  I'm actually really glad that I started making these playlists because I can look back and see what was going through my mind at the time and see when I watched a film or what kind of mood I was in!

Coldplay & Jay Z

I cannot get enough of this song at the minute although for some reason they have deleted it off Spotify!!! These 2 artists need no introduction and even more so when they work together . . . 


You cannot heal a lifetime of pain overnight,
Be patient with yourself
It takes as long as it takes to rebuild yourself

The Jepettos

Another great local band that I just had to share with you!! I give you 'The Jepettos'


Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come whispering, 
''it will be happier''

What A View

Doesn't the world look so beautiful and peaceful from space?? 

These are the amazing photos from Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield currently living in space aboard the International Space Station.  Each day he tweets a breathtaking photo of Earth! Here are a few on my favourites and I apologise now for the amount, I really could not choose!

IF you would like to follow Chris, head on over to twitter now



Endless Beaches of Australia

Washington DC

Sunset Over Earth

Fly Me To The Moon


Los Angeles

NYC - My One True Love


New England Coast

Kolkata, India



San Francisco

San Francisco

Suburbs of Cape Town



Happy Birthday Dad

This is my dad and I last year when we went for a walk from Holywood in County Down, my mum is behind the camera!! It is his birthday today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD

21 again as he says!! I was asked once why I didn't say I had a brother, I replied because I do not.  The person in question thought that my dad was my older brother!!! He will never let me live that story down . . . . ever!!!

Dublin - Jameson Factory

Last June my friend Louise and I took a trip to Dublin to visit our friend Shelly who was visiting from sunny California.  During our trip we visited Mr Jameson and I have to say it didn't taste bad at all.  I think the next trip I will be calling in to see Arthur!!!!

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