CD Swap

Over a year ago I found out through the blogsphere that there was a CD SWAP happening and anyone that knows me, knows that I absolutely love music and even more so NEW music that I might not have heard of before.  So of course I sent the email that I would like to be involved and within the next month I was paired up with the wonderful Tiffany from I am Rena's Daughter

We swapped a few emails back and forth to see what kind of music we each currently listen to and what maybe we don't like!

I got a little bit carried away and instead of making 1 CD for Tiffany I had to make 2 because I couldn't decide which music to delete from it! I also made these little CD Cases from a tutorial on Pinterest which can be found here

Above is this finished product, which I hear was very much enjoyed!!

If you know of any other cool swap going on please let me know as I had so much fun with this one!! 

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