Gareth Dunlop

If you have been a visitor to my blog over the past year and hopefully years to come you will see this guy appear on it a lot! Gareth Dunlop is a local Singer Song Writer whose voice I absolutely love.  One of his songs recently appeared on the Motion Picture Soundtrack for Safe Haven.  The song have I picked for today actually appears on the promotional videos for Ireland, North and South! 

If you are in Northern Ireland and are about on Friday May 10th 2013 you really should try and get tickets to hear Gareth Dunlop play in the Strand Cinema in East Belfast! I am not able to make it and would love to hear him in the amazing setting!!!

If you are reading this and are from far off lands have a look at the last video on this page, it's the promotional video for Northern Ireland.  Every time I watch it, I love being able to people 'that's my home'.

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